ProSea Design was founded in Spain in 2020 by  Samuel Smith and Hana Rygarova.

Passionate about home renovation projects while working in the real estate industry , ProSea Design was founded to share our experiences, knowledge and skills with others while providing professional & person-to-person services.

Whether you are looking for a new home in the province of Alicante (Spain), need help selling a property or have a renovation project, we will help you with every step of your project! And we will do so hands-on, in a friendly and professional environment!!!

Hana and I are working expats in their mid 30’s living in Spain since 2014. 

Over the past 8 years, we have had the amazing opportunity to build a career in the real estate industry, myself in sales and Hana in the legal and administration side of the industry, working for leading agencies and a well established lawyer's office in the Costa Blanca south.

Even thought we have been working for some of the most successful people in the industry, we felt we were limited in our growth and had to occasionally compromise on our quality of service over requested results... So we decided it was time for us to break free and make a difference by removing these limitations and creating an environment we could control, and therefore do it our way! 

Mixing our professional experience and our passion for home design, we founded ProSea Design. Our principles are simple, we want to help others find property & design related solutions within a professional yet personal environment, with no commitments or obligations towards any other company, keeping our clients best interest at heart.

By offering person-to-person services, we get the freedom to be ourselves and do what we do best: help others! 

With ProSea Design, we dedicate ourselves to Property Search and Home Design, offering multiple services around this theme. (Check out all our services on our website or on our Facebook business page).



Having spent 7+ years working as a sales consultant for leading agencies & 4+ years as a legal assistant in a well respected lawyer’s office in the Costa Blanca area, we have helped successfully hundreds of clients find and purchase their new holiday or permanent home in Spain.

Having extended knowledge and understanding of the local market and the purchase and sales process, we have decided to offer a Property Consultant service which is independent from real estate agencies, giving the purchaser the full power to find his/hers ideal property without any limitations or conflict of interest.

We will always recommend and first use the agents and agencies which have proven to be the most reliable in the area of the search, but as we do not have any commitment to any agent or agency, all properties advertised with all agencies (or privately) will be considered and offered to our client.

Our personal and professional experience combine perfectly to provide our clients with an efficient and trustworthy solution for their property search. Thanks to our knowledge and understanding of the legalities, costs involved(Taxes, Notaries, Registries, etc.), the purchase process (Conveyance), the legal documents required and every details around the purchase and the sale of a property,  once we have found the perfect property together, our clients will have all the tools needed to be in control of their purchase while remaining in a safe and legal environment.


We started back in 2018 a renovation project of our own house which gave us the opportunity to bring to reality our designs and our layout planning. Working on a budget, juggling between our jobs and our refurbishment project, we got to see first hand the complexity of such a project, how important it is to have reliable tradesmen for the work we were not able to do ourselves (Structural work – Plumbers – Electricians), where to find materials and finishes, how to find solutions and adapt designs and layouts around existing installations, etc. etc. etc.

Thanks to this first project, we realised how much we enjoyed managing a project and designing every space in our house and garden: from the drawing board, to the digital rendering of the design/floor plan, to searching for the materials, creating furniture, to doing the work and managing the work, all the way till the finish of the project. We enjoyed it so much, that we have created ProSea Design to continue our work , this time professionally and help anybody around us which has a project in mind.

We are committed to work within budgets, in a friendly and professional environment, working with local tradesmen, working within a CLEAN & ECO environment and creating with our clients a unique design and project tailored around them! NO project is too small, and very rarely is a project not achievable!

NOTE: We don’t have any commitment to local builders and tradesmen but we will always recommend the professionals we have successfully worked with (Our network is growing on a daily basis), and if not available, we will find other local builders and tradesmen available and qualified for the work needed to be done.


Having worked as a sales consultant and a legal assistant in the real estate industry since 2014, we have assisted many clients with buying and/or selling their property in Spain (Province of Alicante) while learning the many “Ins & Outs” of the industry.

This experience has shown us how often vendors miss out on an opportunity to sell because their property was overpriced, not presented the right way and/or the paperwork needed for the sale was not in place.

We understand it is difficult as an owner and vendor to see the negative sides of their property and how easy it is to believe someone will buy the property quickly. Unfortunately, the reality can be tough and there is a lot of competition on the market, meaning only the best properties stand out, while the rest get all mixed up at the bottom of the “For Sale” list.

It is well known agencies and sales consultants will spend more time and money on a property they believe will sell, who wouldn’t?

So we have decided to help the vendors get their property noticed and sold by helping them understand the market, the value of their property, how the buyers see their property, what needs to be done to present the property and obtain the best chances of finding a buyer!

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