Why work with ProSea Design for your renovation project?

When planning a renovation project, one must consider every step involved to succeed with the project. We offer to do just that!

Even a small renovation needs planning and designing to be successful... and too often have we seen bad experiences with unwanted results, often due to lack of understanding, communication and planning!

When working with us:

We will take the time needed to understand your project and plan with you the right design, the right materials, the right layout and the right solutions before any work is started. To help us achieve this:

  • We have the knowledge and the tools to create accurate 3D visualisations to help define the right design and layout for your project.
  • We are passionate about home design and have plenty of ideas to help you design your project.
  • We have a good understanding of the construction industry allowing us to find realistic solutions for your project.
  • We look for solutions to achieve your project within the budget you have allocated.

Once we have a plan in place, we will look for the right contractor and tradesmen which will bring the renovation to life!

We are not committed to any contractors and will look for the best available ones, requesting quotes, comparing prices and services, to make sure we find the right fit for your project! (We have a good network of builders and tradesmen which we will happily recommend and use for your project.)

Once an agreement has been made, we will schedule and supervise the work needing doing for the renovation project. Keeping control and making sure all is going to plan and within budget! So whether you are in Spain or not during the work, the project will be in good and safe hands!

In the case you are not in Spain while the work is ongoing, we will make sure you follow every step of the renovation by providing picture updates, video calls and by keeping communications open with you!

One of the roles as project manager, is being a personal shopper! Following the design and the budget established, we will help you find the materials, furniture and decoration needed for the project. More often than not, renovation projects are stuck between builders selection of sponsored materials and expensive high end designer shops... We know there are plenty of shops and options out there with good quality options, and so we will without hesitation use these shops to find the materials and items which are adapted to your design and budget!

So to resume, working with us for your renovation project, you will have a complete solution from the drawing board, all the way to the finish of the project, including a personal shopper, and a home design adviser. We adapt our services around your needs, so however big or small project you have, we definitely will be able to help!

How much does our service cost?

In average, our project management services cost 10 to 20% of the total renovation cost depending on the size of the project and the work needed. An estimate will be given during the planning of the project.

For example, for a bathroom renovation of 4.500€ + IVA, our fee would be 600€ + IVA


Why work with ProSea Design when looking for a property?

In our part of Spain, known as the Costa Blanca South, the real estate industry has grown extremely fast and hundreds of real estate agencies are now available creating a jungle of agents and properties for sale. (Did you know that there are 220 real estate agencies advertising properties for sale in Torrevieja alone? (Statistics from Idealista.com))

It goes without saying that many of these agencies are very good at what they do and some have been in working for many decades, recommended by many of their clients and respected by many in the industry.

One of the main differences between us and any real estate agency is that we are not selling a product, we are offering a service!

A real estate agency advertises properties to attract a potential buyer to whom they can sell a property they have been contracted to sell! (In vendor’s favor)

We are looking for all properties available on the market, professionally and privately advertised, that match the buyer’s wants & needs! (In Buyer’s favor)

Note: Our goal is not to oppose ourselves or our clients against any agencies, in the contrary, we often work with and depend on real estate agencies to achieve our mission of “Finding the right property”.

Having gained our experience since 2014 while working for leading estate agencies in the area, and living ourselves in the area, we know where to look, where to find, what to avoid, who to contact and how the market works, which gives us a big advantage on helping our clients find the right property for them!

Finally, we also have 5+ years of legal and administration experience in the real estate industry. So not only do we know how to find and negotiate a property, but we also know the legal process of buying and selling a property here in Spain.

We will always recommend using a solicitor or a conveyancer to represent you when buying a property, but having this knowledge helps us and our clients navigate in this occasionally problematic industry and obtain all the information needed to make the final decisions.

How much does our service cost?

Our service fee is:

  • 1% + IVA of the property's purchase price for properties purchased above 150.000€
  • 1.500€ + IVA for properties purchased below 150.000€


  • If the property reserved via our services is a property ProSea Design has been mandated to advertise, the above fee will be cancelled.
  • If the property reserved via our services is a New Build which is from a direct partnership with the promoter, the above fee will be cancelled.

Why do we charge the buyer when agencies charge the vendor?

We are providing a service which is exclusive to the buyer, guaranteeing no conflict of interest with the vendor or the agency.

We are working for and on behalf of the buyer, searching the best available options matching their requirements; communicating, organizing, and negotiating directly with vendors and agencies to achieve the best deal possible, advising and assisting the buyer throughout the whole process.

To be able to offer a complete service to the buyer, we must be financially independent to access all properties available on the market, keeping all doors open, especially when dealing with private vendors or exclusive agencies.


Do you have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to clarify any doubts you may have!

Do you have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to clarify any doubts you may have!

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