Looking for a property in Spain? Our independent Property Consultant will assist you with finding the best offers matching your requirements while keeping your interests a priority! There are enough real estate agencies and properties for sale in the Costa Blanca to make anybody's head spin. If you are not sure where to start or simply wish to have someone on your side throughout the whole property search and purchase, we have the perfect solution for you! Our Property Consultant has no commitments to any agency, has a deep understanding of the purchase process and regulations, and knows the ins and outs of the industry! This means, all privately and professionally advertised properties will be considered and offered to you when they are matching your requirements! Contact us today to discuss how we can help!

Thinking of selling your property? We offer tailor-made packages so that we can help you wherever help is needed. Whether you are looking for someone to deal with the whole sales process, or you only need help on certain steps of the process, we will be delighted to assist you. Our services include: study of the market & valuation, calculation of costs (taxes, certificates, etc.), home staging & solutions to improve value, professional-like photos and video tours, online marketing, management of leads & viewings, negotiations, reservation process and conveyance. If you already have the property advertised privately or with agencies and your are not getting the expected results, let us offer you solutions to improve your chances of a sale without creating any conflict with the agencies trying to sell your property!   Contact us today for a free consultation.

Did you know a property loses value when not correctly presented? Our experience in the Real Estate industry and our home improvement skills combine perfectly to offer you the best home staging solutions which will help you increase the value of your property and the chances of a sale! We will help you understand the local market and the current value of your property, correct the common mistakes and help you present your property so that potential buyers see it under it's best light. Whether you are already on the market, privately or with agencies, or whether you are thinking of selling your property, why not put the best chances of a sale on your side by letting us help you!! Contact us today to discuss how we can help you!

You have a project in mind but don't know where to start? We love home improvement & renovation projects!! Whether you want to update the property, redecorate a room, need help visualising and creating a design, or any other project, we will find the best solutions and help you achieve your goals. We offer to manage the full project or to assist you only with the steps where help is needed! We have a very good understanding of refurbishment & renovation work, have first hand experience dealing with local tradesmen, love getting our hands dirty and helping out,  etc. etc. etc. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you and how we will become an asset to your project!

Did you know it is possible to see what a new design or renovation project would look like before any work is started?
We create high definition 3D renders of your project and designs so that you are able to visualise them before starting any work. Let us help you see the future and bring your ideas to life! Whether you want to see how your living area would look without the kitchen wall, or how your bathroom would look like once modernised or simply putting in image the design you have in mind for your bedroom, our 3D renders are the perfect solution!  Contact us today to discuss how we can help you! (MORE INFORMATION)

Need a floor plan of your property but the hassle and the cost of getting one from an architect is just too much for what you need it for? We have the solution: Whether you need a floor plan to use for your DIY project, to workout layout changes for your property, to configure your furniture around a room/house or simply to have a floor plan of your house without any particular reason, we will create a floor plan adapted to your needs. Accurate measurement, furniture items, single room or full house, we will create the perfect floor plan for your personal needs! Contact us today to discuss how we can help you! (MORE INFORMATION)


Don’t be shy and contact us anyway! We are always delighted to help when and where we can, and if not, recommend another person or company that may be able to help! We have worked for many years in various industries such as the events industry, the catering industry, the tourism industry, and we love new challenges, so if we can help to find a solution to your project or situation, we will be delighted to do so!

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