“Founded to share our passion, experience, knowledge and skills with others while finding solutions together.”

We take pride in giving the best of ourselves to ensure great results while always keeping our clients' best interest at heart!

We also do 3D Visualization & Floor plans!

Ever wondered what your living room would look like if you redecorated or changed the furniture layout? We have the tools and the knowledge to create high definition 3D renderings of your  interior designs. We can recreate a room or even the entire house in 3D  offering you a visual of your project before any work needs to be started! Contact us for more information about our floor plans & 3D visualization. (MORE INFORMATION)

  • To scale 3D items
  • Floor plans
  • Detailed finishes
  • Lighting effects
  • Day and night renders
  • Panoramic views
  • Customizable
  • 2K and 4K Resolutions
  • Decoration items


ProSea Design is a purposely kept small group of freelancers which was created in 2020. Our goal is to share our knowledge and passion with people and help them achieve their design and property related goals. A home is a sanctuary and is the foundation of a happy life!

Registered Freelancers

ProSea Design is composed of registered Freelancers who specialise in Home Design projects and Real Estate in Spain


Living and working in the area of Alicante since 2014, we have extended knowledge of the area and reliable connections.


We are located in San Fulgencio and work in all of the Province of Alicante.

Budget Friendly

We understand the importance of a budget, however big or small, and we will always do our best to offer within budget solutions.


We are friendly human beings who love discussing projects and looking for solutions, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today for any further information, questions or collaborations!

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