"When we signed on with a construction company to add a garden room to our house we were very disappointed that they were not able to show us the inside layout at all. We only got the exterior 3D visualisations.

Sam and Hana helped us visualize the various design hesitations via multiple 3D images making it possible to choose which color windows would be best and what type of feature wall we wanted in this future room.

We feel this should have been provided by the constructor as it is an important part of the project: the actual room has far more impact on our everyday life than what it looks like from the outside!

Sam and Hana were precise in their work and took into account all the details we wanted to incorporate (type of atmosphere wanted and furniture layout for example).  They also provided different angles for us to better view this futur room. Their flexibility and patience with our different ideas were very helpful and their own suggestions were an added bonus as they helped us see more possibilities than we had thought of on our own.

 I was in France and yet the distance was no issue as all was done over the phone and computer and we were able to share the various options with family and friends for advice which was a great help in making those important decisions.

We are now very happy with our garden room and thanks to Sam and Hana, we feel we have made the best choices possible.

We would definitely recommend this company to anyone wanting a professional approach to home design.

Best regards, "


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