• HDP05 - Pampanga (Philippines)

Project Information: 

Type of project: Furniture & Decoration
Location: Pampanga (Philippines)
Property Type: Detached House
Room(s): Entire House

Project Description:

Having worked with Markus on his house design in Spain, We were given another opportunity to help him, this time, with the furnishing of one of his recently built properties in the Philippines.

Working with a budget and with a selected list of shops available in the Philippines, we recreated the house in 3D and created clean and rental friendly designs using mostly furniture available in IKEA allowing the client to visualise the property furnished and have an exact cost of every item. Once the work completed, the visuals and the furniture list (Shop, item reference, price, etc.) was given to Markus so he could get it sent over to his on-site manager and get the property furnished following a precise plan and budget.

Our work consisted in:

  • Creating a simple and rental friendly design for each room of the house
  • Presenting all design and decoration ideas with 3D visuals
  • Establishing a detailed budget of every item used in the designs
  • Creating a furniture and item list for each room.
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