Project Information: 

Type of project: Design & Renovation
Location: Urb. La Marina
Property Type: Detached House
Room(s): Bathroom

Project Description:

Gérard and Dominique gave us the opportunity to design and manage the renovation of their master bathroom.

Wanting to renovate their bathroom and make it to be easy to maintain, have a walk-in shower instead of the bath and wanting to avoid the popular modern white/grey/black themed bathrooms,  we helped them design a bathroom that would fit them and stay within the general theme of the house, a bathroom that would look natural combined with a modern touch.

Our work consisted in:

  • creating various designs and 3D visuals utilising the clients likes and wish list,
  • establishing a detailed budget for every aspect of the project (Materials, accessories, building work, etc.),
  • Creating a custom built vanity and storage with a local carpenter,
  • selecting and purchasing the materials, furniture and accessories,
  • contracting a building company and overseeing the work.
Photos of finished bathroom
3D Visuals created for the project
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