I have renovated a bathroom myself. However, I lack imagination and have a hard time making decisions in advance because they can’t be easily reversed once the tiles are on the wall. There are just too many questions. Which tiles? What shape? Which colour? What combination? To make matters worse around here, the typical builder is just not an interior designer and will just put anything in – with no sense of design. I had that experience myself working on the kitchen. I was allowed to chose tiles, but I didn’t get any assistance from the builder making a good decision. So I was on my own – despite having a supposed professional on my side.

This time I went for a real professional. I’m glad I chose Hana and Sam from ProSea Design. They first figured out what I like and don’t like. And before going to the tile store, they measured the bathroom and built a photorealistic 3D model. We picked out the tiles virtually, combined them and tried them until we found something I liked. After having an idea we went to the stores and looked for matching tiles. Hana took a lot of time and was very patient in the process, both encouraging me in my own ideas but also showing me what would work better. I felt comfortable and in good hands at all times.

Hana and Sam convinced me as professionals but also as people. I am very satisfied with the result and I can say that I also saved a lot of time, money and nerves. 5 five star rating for sure! ★★★★★


Note: Pictures of work achieved with client will be added to this testimonial as soon as he has finished his renovation as he is wanting to keep the final design a surprise for his wife 🙂 !

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